For 35 years now, the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) has been providing testing services for the evaluation and assessment needs of both the private and public education sectors in the Philippines.

CEM joined the 39th Annual International Association for Educational Assessment Conference (IAEA) in Tel Aviv, Israel last Oct. 20-25, 2013. The conference offers a global forum for all those involved in all forms of educational assessment – in primary or secondary schools, colleges or the workplace.

Measuring Essentials: Proactively providing the tools for the newly implemented K to 12 Curriculum The Department of Education started implementing the K to 12 Curriculum in School Year 2011-2012. CEM assures educators and parents that it is ready to provide the tools necessary for this curriculum.

To follow through on Jan Wieger's lecture on e-assessment recently held in February, CEM organized a workshop on the use of various software especially designed for results evaluation on April 1-5, 2013 held at CEM's 33rd floor conference room.

CEM Research Officer Jesus E. Sevilla, Jr. was invited to join the poster presentation component of the 46th Annual Convention of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation.

CEM hosts "E-Assessment Innovations for the 21st Century" lecture by Jan Wiegers—February 15 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

39th IAEA annual conference held in Astana, Kazakstan held from September 16-21, 2012.