Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 3:08pm
Get the Most Out of the CEM Professional Development Programs

Ever since its implementation in the 1980s, the CEM Professional Development Program has been one of CEM’s leverages in terms of providing quality and relevant services to its clienteles. This program is specifically designed to complement CEM’s testing services and to develop new and existing competencies among teachers, administrators and guidance personnel.

The CEM Professional Development Program consists of centralized and school-based seminar-workshops on various topics. CEM member schools are entitled to participate in these activities for free, as part of their privilege as a bonafide CEM partner. CEM also holds Professional Education Series (PEPS) seminars, an intensive four-day seminar-workshop on specific content for subject area teachers. Members get exclusive discounts on these workshops.

From July to November 2018, the Professional Development Section of CEM has conducted 3 cycles of centralized seminar-workshops on Interpreting and Utilizing CEM Achievement Test Data (English, Mathematics and Science) in its Makati Head Office and in Davao. Other sessions such as Developing Classroom Management Skills, Designing Classroom Assessment Tools, Research Writing: Bridging Data in Classroom and School Practice, and Improving Career Guidance Program Through CEM Test Data Utilization were also executed in Davao, Butuan, Lucena and Cebu, respectively. These were attended by a total of 260 member schools.

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