Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 3:18pm
DEI-RC 2023 - Learn about the real-life impact of CEM trainings!

Teacher Jansen C. Daguio-Sumalag
Apayao Science HS

Teacher Jansen joined the CEM Teaching and Assessing Reading Literacy (TARL) online training program last year, held in partnership with the Department of Education. She shares her inspiring story below on how she used what she learned from the program to bring about positive changes for her learners.


“I’m really thankful for my learnings in the CEM TARL,
because of the training, we had good breakthroughs
in our school.”


Thru the CEM TARL, I learned that:
  • Reading is both a process and a product. With this in mind, it dictates the methodology of teaching and assessing reading.
  • Teaching reading is more than just asking comprehension questions at the end of a reading activity, there must be a comprehensive reading plan behind it. A reading teacher should plan on connecting prior knowledge to “before, during, and after” reading activities.
  • There must be guided practice before a teacher evaluates reading.
I shared the TARL concepts with our reading core team. Because of what I have learned from the program, we were able to develop the DUR-AS reading intervention materials for Grade 7 learners of Brigada Pagbasa. DUR-AS, which also means progress in Ilocano, stands for Developing Understanding with Relevant Authentic Texts and Systematic reading activities. The materials applied the concepts of BDA strategy, scaffolding activities, asking literal, inferential, and critical comprehension questions, using graphical organizers, and content integration.

Implementation of the DUR-AS intervention materials in the Brigada Pagbasa Program brought about positive outcomes. When the program started, none of the 15 student beneficiaries were independent readers, 7 were instructional level readers and 8 were frustration level readers. After the 8-week implementation of the program using DUR-AS, 7 of the students became independent readers, 8 were instructional level readers and none were reading at a frustration level.


Scaffolding and guided practice are teaching actions that will be taught and demonstrated in the CEM online training on Powering Literacy Development with Direct and Explicit Instruction of Reading Comprehension.

Experience your own breakthrough in teaching reading comprehension!

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