Friday, June 20, 2014 - 9:20am
PBEd selects scholars using CEM tests

Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers (PATT) was used to screen applicants to the 1000 Teachers Program. It is a scholarship program of the Philippine Business for Education, an NGO advocating education reform. The program aims to attract the best and the brightest students to get into the teaching profession. A series of qualifying exams were conducted in the following locations: University of Santo Tomas on April 15, Davao on April 24, Zamboanga on April 30, Cotabato City on May 5 and Leyte on May 12. 

Applicants who pass the qualifying exam will sign a contract with PBEd, and will receive the following benefits: tuition scholarship, allowance, and LET review and examination. In return, scholars are expected to maintain good academic standing, enrol the normal required units per semester, take and pass the LET and teach in a public school for five consecutive years.

For 35 years, CEM has been developing tests that measure aptitudes, achievements and career choices. PATT measures applicant's abilities and aptitudes necessary in the teaching profession.