Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 4:45pm
CEM joins the 2017 Philippine Education Conference

CEM partners with the Philippine Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) in organizing the
2017 Philippine Education Conference held on November 28-29, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. With its theme: Achieving the Promise of the K to 12, the event aims to engage educational leaders on Philippine education issues and concerns, particularly the implementation of the senior high school and preparations for delivering the new curricula for contemporary needs. It also provides an opportunity to understand how to translate educational trends, models, and innovations that contribute to achieving the goals of the K to 12.

Day 1 highlights the updates given by representatives from DepEd, CHEd and TESDA on the state of Philippine education as viewed by their respective offices. They described the goals and directions they are heading in relation to sustaining the K to 12 program.  This was followed by a panel discussion between the presenters and reactors from CEAP, AIM and PCCI. Foreign experts Dr. Thomas R. Hoerr (USA) presenting his idea of The Formative Five: Teaching for Success in Life, Dr. Jennifer Bain and Dr. Juliet Sprake (UK) talking about Placing Learners at the Center Through Design in Education, Dr. William Spady (US) sharing that 21st Century Education is Two Paradigm Shifts Away and Prof. Rupert Maclean (UNESCO) detailing the Trends Concerning the Vocationalization of Secondary Education and Integrating TVET into Secondary Schools were featured in Day 2.

CEM participants attended the afternoon concurrent sessions on: Implementation of the SHS curriculum, Qualifications Frameworks for Global Competitiveness (Day 1) and Implementing the Essence and Power of ‘Real’ OBE (Day 2). The next Philippine Education Conference will be held in 2019.