Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - 1:32pm
DEI-RC 2023 - What is Direct and Explicit Instruction?
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Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to teach essential reading comprehension and text evaluation strategies that your students need to develop so that they will become independent, strategic, and effective readers.
Join this course and equip your learners with strategies that will help them become lifelong learners.

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Even skilled readers can find some texts challenging to read. That’s why it’s important to equip learners with comprehension strategies to help them deal with new and difficult texts. Research shows that learning how to use comprehension strategies can improve readers’ text comprehension.

But while the curriculum spells out WHAT comprehension strategies we need to teach our students so that they will be able to tackle novel or more challenging texts, it does not tell us HOW to teach these strategies.

Direct, explicit, and systematic instruction has been shown by research to be an effective approach for teaching text comprehension strategies. Direct and Explicit Instruction (DEI) is an approach to teaching skills where the learner is guided through a step-by-step process. It begins with the teacher discussing and modeling the skill to be learned, and then goes on to give opportunities for learners to do guided practice on the skill, and eventually independent practice.

The step-by-step guidance provided by the teacher is helpful, especially for struggling readers who may not be able to easily apply these strategies on their own, without initial clear explanations and guidance.

In the CEM online training on Powering Literacy Development with Direct and Explicit Instruction of Reading Comprehension (DEI-RC), you will be led by expert resource persons on how to apply the direct and explicit instruction approach to teaching text comprehension and evaluation strategies.

But the DEI approach itself has wider applications, as it has also been shown to be beneficial in teaching difficult vocabulary and in teaching phonemic awareness to younger learners.

Join us to learn more about this widely applicable teaching approach!

Enrollment Fee: ₱ 900.00
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