Test Day Instructions

On Test Day

  • Eat before taking the exam.
  • For laptop users, ensure that your computer is fully charged or connected to a power source during the test.
  • Enter the testing website at the earliest time indicated in the email with the Actual Test link.
  • Have valid IDs and/or examination permit.
  • Go through the identity verification process. The process will involve taking a snapshot of your face and valid ID through your webcam. When you are asked to submit your face snapshot, remove any object that would partially or fully obscure your face and ears, i.e., face mask, face shield, face veil and scarf. If you are using any of the authorized materials for scratch work, hold up the material under your chin during the photo capture.
  • Read all test instructions and candidate rules thoroughly.
  • Start the test once you are allowed to do so.
  • Take your time and read exam questions carefully.
  • Chat your proctor if you have questions on the mode of answering the test or technical difficulties. 

In case of Test Expiry / Power Interruption

In case the test window closes in the middle of the test or at the time of submission for any reason, the system waits for at least 20 minutes before expiring the test.

This allows you to re-login and resume the test from exactly where it stopped within those 20 minutes. Contact the CEM Help Desk if you experience disconnection beyond 20 minutes, such as in cases of power outage or computer malfunction that would take long to resolve.

What to Wear

Keep in mind that your test session is monitored live by a human proctor. Please observe proper attire during the test. For females, avoid provocative and sleeveless outfits (i.e., short shorts, tank tops, tube tops), sleepwear/pajama, and long-sleeved tops; for males, avoid wearing sando, long-sleeved shirts, and attempting the test half-naked. T-shirt and pants or decent-length shorts are acceptable.

Note: If you need to wear long-sleeved tops, please inform your proctor.

What to Expect

CEM respects the candidates’ privacy and has implemented procedures to ensure that the CEM Online Test process is completed in a safe, secure manner. CEM reserves the right to ensure the security of test content by enabling us to observe you and your computer screen while taking the test.

  • Before taking the test, you may be asked for a visual inspection of surroundings, clothing, footwear, and ID documents. Such inspections may be conducted during authorization and registration stage, or at any point of the test session. It is highly recommended that you take the test in a room free of distractions and anything that might affect your test performance.
  • Test-related information written on clothing, shoes, tables and chairs, room walls,
    ID documents or on any part of the body or room is prohibited. Examinees should be prepared to undergo security measures to ensure a fair testing environment. Failure to comply may result in termination from the test and forfeiture of your test fees.
  • Food, beverages, tobacco and e-cigarettes are not allowed while you are taking the exam. In case you need to grab a drink, or take a snack or medication for health reasons, please inform your proctor.

Prohibited Activities

  1. Attempting to take the test for someone else or having someone else take the test for you at any stage of the examination.
  2. Coaching of answers or attempting to receive assistance from another person—communication in any form is not permitted during the online session.
  3. Reading aloud the test items or your computations.
  4. Editing, copying or attempting to edit/copy/duplicate any test content from the testing website.
  5. Reproducing or disclosing the test content or any part of the test content by any means (e.g., hard copy, verbally, electronically) to any person or entity.
  6. Tampering or attempting to tamper with the online testing website. 
  7. Navigating away from the test website at any time during the test. 
  8. Leaving the test space or room during the test.

Note: If you need to take a restroom break, ask permission from your proctor.

Prohibited Materials

Using or having any of the following materials in the testing room is prohibited. Please clear your table or test space before the test session.

  1.     Phones (all kinds)
  2.     Tablets and e-readers
  3.     All wearable technology
  4.     All watches
  5.     Any other electronic, recording, listening, scanning, printing or photographic            devices
  6.     Pagers or beepers
  7.     Digital Storage Devices
  8.     Mechanical pencils, mechanical erasers, pens, highlighter pens, compasses,            rulers, protractors
  9.     Mirrors (of any kind)
  10.     Calculators
  11.     Books, pamphlets, notes, dictionaries, translators
  12.     Unauthorized materials for scratch work
  13.     Scan pens or scanning devices

Note: You cannot use or have any of the above materials even during the test break. The proctor can terminate your test when found with a prohibited item even if not in use.

Anyone caught violating any of these rules will be disqualified from continuing with the test.

Absence on Test Day and Noncompletion of the Test 

If you are absent on the day of the exam, your name will NOT be included in the Masterlist of Test Results (MTR). Failure to take or complete the test on the scheduled test date under any circumstances totally forfeits your NMAT Registration and Test Fees.