How to Check Computer Compatibility

To check if your computer is compatible with the Online Testing Website, click on this System Compatibility Check link.  You will need download and install the Secure Exam Browser (Mettl Secure Browser or MSB) to be able to proceed.

Follow the steps shown in your screen to download the Mettl Secure Browser or MSB. You may also click on this Learn to install MSB in Windows OS tab for details.

In case you have MSB previously installed to your computer, make sure that the software is updated; a message prompt will indicate if the software is updated or not. To update, follow the steps as guided by the system or you may also click on this Learn to Update MSB in Windows OS tab to learn more.

Once the MSB has been successfully installed, follow the onscreen instructions (i.e., closing other running applications), and perform the system compatibility check. It will check if your computer specifications, internet browser, webcam, and microphone are compatible with the online testing website. If all goes well, it will show a message “Everything Looks Great. The test will run great on this system.” Once you see this page, you may click the power icon on the lower right corner of your computer screen to exit. If the compatibility check gives an error message, please proceed as shown in the error message on the screen, or consider uninstalling the old MSB then reinstall the application. Contact the CEM Help Desk for troubleshooting of unresolved technical issues.

What are some possible reasons for encountering errors in the System Compatibility Check? Errors could be due to:

1. Internet browser is not up-to-date. If you have another internet browser on your computer, you can also try switching to it to run the compatibility check.

2. Pop-up blocker setting of your internet browser. Your Internet Browser may be blocking the MSB.

Try the following:

a. Use the “allow once/always” pop-ups function from your browser settings to allow test window to open

b. Optionally, you may disable the pop-up blocker for the duration of the compatibility check, as well as, the actual test. Here is how you can do it:

b.1.)    For Mozilla Firefox on WindowsGo to ‘Tools’ --> select ‘Options’ --> click ‘Content’ tab and then uncheck ‘Block Pop-up windows’ check box.

b.2.)    For Google Chrome: Go to ‘chrome://settings/’ --> click on ‘Show advanced settings’ (at the end of the page). Under ‘Privacy’, click on ‘Content Settings’ --> under ‘Pop-ups’, select ‘Allow all sites to show pop-ups’ --> click on ‘Done’.

After performing the above steps, please exit the internet browser and start again, and continue with the compatibility check.

3. Security settings of your computer. Your antivirus program may be blocking the MSB from running, thinking that it is malware. We recommend that you set your antivirus program to recognize the MSB as a safe/trustworthy software or you disable/uninstall the antivirus program to allow the MSB to run.

4. Other applications accessing your webcam are open or running in the background or the drivers for your webcam or microphone are not up-to-date or are unresponsive.

Important Note: The System Compatibility Check tests the fit of your computer settings with the requirements of the Online Testing Website at the time it is conducted. However, changes made to your computer’s configuration or set-up after doing the compatibility check, as caused by updates in the operating system or software, may lead to incompatibility on the actual test date.

Thus, once you have done a successful system compatibility check close to the date of your exam, we recommend for you to disable further security patches, updates of the antivirus software and updates of other applications and the operating system (e.g. Windows updates). Disable these until after you have taken the online exam in order to avoid any interference while taking the actual test. You are also advised to disable or reschedule automatic system updates for the duration of the test. Automatic System Updates may lead to heavy downloads during the test and auto-system restart will hamper your test-taking experience.

To disable System Auto updates:

For Windows, go to ‘Start’ --> ‘Run’ --> type ‘services.msc’ --> look for ‘Windows Update’ --> and then Stop the service.’ After finishing the test, you can turn-on the same by doing the following: ‘Start’ --> ‘Run’ --> type ‘services.msc’ --> look for ‘Windows Update’ --> and then Start the service.’