Test Results

Release of Test Results: Electronic Copy  

An electronic copy of your test results is available after twenty (20) CEM business days from the last date of test administration.  You may click on the link for Test Results under the Online Options on the CEM website to check status, view and/or download a copy.  The electronic copy is not valid for admission purposes.  It is only meant to help you understand your scores so you can decide to which Philippine medical schools to apply and whether or not you will retake the test

Release of Test Results: Examinee Report Forms

Your NMAT score will be printed on the Examinee Report Form (ERF).  The original copy of the ERF will be mailed to the mailing address indicated on your NMAT Registration Form after six (6) weeks from the last date of test administration. 

Independent courier service providers are contracted to transmit the ERFs.  Delivery time may take more days for bulk mailing or approximately 4-7 days for NCR and 7-14 days in the provinces.  CEM is not responsible for any claims for damages due to delayed delivery of your ERF for any reason.  If you have not received your ERF two (2) weeks after the scheduled release, you may contact the NMAT Secretariat.

As a general rule, the following are the authorized recipients during delivery of NMAT ERF.

For Residential Delivery

  1. Examinee (or ultimate consignee)
  2. Any Relative/ House Mate / House Help residing on consignee’s registered mailing address
  3. Security Guard/ Receptionist on-duty at any condominium or compound address

For Office Delivery

  1. Examinee (or ultimate consignee)
  2. Security Guard-on-duty, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Office mates

(Note: Security Guards in some condominiums, subdivisions, and compounds do not accept parcels without the consignee’s valid ID and/or authorization.  Please know your security/gatekeepers’ rules and regulations and coordinate accordingly.)

 To maintain confidentiality, the ERF is given only to the examinee or to an authorized representative. Requests to disclose an individual’s scores, over the phone or via e-mail, will NOT be entertained.

Request for Extra Copy of your Examinee Report Form (ERF)


  1. Make a deposit to the nearest BPI branch.

Merchant: Center for Educational Measurement, Inc.

BPI Current Account 1885-1133-34   

Cost: Php50.00 for every copy plus P80.00 shipping fee

Note: Courier service only (no pick-up arrangement)

2. Accomplish and submit the Request for NMAT Examinee Report Form (ERF) Copy through this link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/e8cece57dc7a44e89c39911826804135

3. Monitor your email for status updates on your request. After information and payment have been validated and email confirmation is received, allow 10 business days for the shipment of package.

Please note that the NMAT Secretariat will not process any duplicate copy requests at least 2 weeks before and after scheduled test administration in order to prioritize pretest and posttest preparations.

Distribution of Masterlist of Test Scores

To safeguard the authenticity of the results, your score will also appear on the Masterlist of Test Scores which will be sent to all Philippine medical schools, Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Higher Education Regional Offices (HERO), and the office of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation, Inc. (APMC).  These offices must refer only to the masterlist for official scores.