Step 12: Watch the Video Tutorials on Preparing for and Navigating the Online Testing Website

Watch the videos below to familiarize yourself with the online testing website and to know what it’s like to take the Online National Medical Admission Test.

  • Let’s begin by knowing what the overall test-taking preparation and experience is like. Watch the video below.

  • Next, let’s take a closer look at the Sections of the Testing Website. Watch the video below.


  • How do you navigate within and between Sections of the Test Website? Watch the video to find out.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Sections of the Testing Website 

  1. Click the NEXT SECTION button ONLY IF you have finished answering all 120 items in the Section. Remember that when you leave a Section of the Test, you will NOT BE ABLE TO return to it even if you have unanswered items. A warning message will appear when you click the Next Section button. When the warning goes up you have the option to “Cancel” going to the next section. Kindly review Video Quick Guide 2: How to Navigate within and between Sections of the Testing Website, from 2:49 to 4:09, to see how to operate the Next Section button.
  2. Click the FINISH TEST button ONLY AFTER you have completed Part 2 of the Test (found in Section 4 of the testing website) or in other words after you have answered all 240 items in the Test. Similar to the Next Section button, you will have the option to "Cancel" the finish test action. A message will pop up for you to confirm or cancel this action. Once you confirm the FINISH TEST action, the testing website will close your exam and your answers will be queued for scoring. So if you did not finish answering all items and click the Finish Test button, all your blank items will be marked as incorrect. Please take note that the Finish Test button is NOT a Save button. All your responses on the testing website are saved routinely as you answer. 

If you click the Next Section or Finish Test button by mistake and wish to retake your test so that you can get the chance to answer the test items you missed, you will need to be given a new test on a separate test day (for test security reasons). Because you are given a new test, you will need to register and pay again to the scheduled back-up test day. For each round of NMAT administration, the back-up test day is scheduled 4 days after the last of the pre-announced test dates. This back-up test day is usually a Friday, but it may be scheduled on a different day. Please call the NMAT Secretariat to verify.

  • Watch the video on basic Preparation and Troubleshooting tips. Click on the play button below to do so.

  • What is remote Live Proctoring like? Check out in the video below.

To know more on what to prepare for the Online National Medical Admission Test, please read Bulletin of Information: Step 15: Follow Test Day Instructions.