Admission Procedures for Foreign Students

The foreign student-applicant seeking admission into any medical school in the Philippines must observe the following rules and procedures:

1.  The applicant submits the following to the Philippine Foreign Service Post (PFSP) for authentication:

1.1.  Five (5) copies of Personal History Statement (PHS)

1.2.  Two (2) copies of the Transcript of Records (original or authenticated copy)

1.3.  A duly notarized Affidavit of Support from abroad

1.4.  Certificate of Good Moral Character from two (2) officials of the institution where he/she obtained his/her degree

a.  from a college instructor/professor

b.  from the school head

1.5.  Original copy of his National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) results

2.  The foreign student-applicant while abroad communicates and applies directly with the Philippine school of his choice by submitting the documents authenticated by the PFSP.

3.  The school, having been satisfied with the NMAT results and compliance with the academic requirements, issues a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and forwards it to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) together with the authenticated documents submitted by the student-applicant and the school’s request for evaluation of the Transcript of Records and issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to a Medical Course (CEMed).

4.  The CHED evaluates the student-applicant’s records for the issuance of a CEMed and coordinates with other agencies for other requirements.

5.  After the student-applicant has complied with both academic and non-academic requirements, the CHED endorses for appropriate action to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) a request for the issuance of the student visa.

6.  Upon appropriate recommendation of the CHED, the DFA sends authorization to the Embassy or Consulate concerned to issue a visa to the student-applicant.

7.  Upon receipt of authority by the PFSP, a Student Visa shall be issued after the consular officer is convinced of the applicant’s identity and admissibility and upon compliance with other requirements; i.e., Visa Application Form No. 2, Medical Certificate (FA Form No. 11) together with the standard-sized chest x-ray film and laboratory reports, and Police Clearance.

8.  Upon arrival in the Philippines, the student-applicant appears personally for proper documentation procedures at the following agencies in Manila:

8.1.  Bureau of Immigration (BI) for the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR); and,

8.2.  CHED for the Study Permit and CEMed.

9.  The student, with the Study Permit and CEMed, applies for enrollment at the admitting school that issued the NOA.