Assitant Cashier

Primary Function:

Reporting to the Treasury Section Head, facilitates/assists in transactions involving receipts and disbursements, maintains records and other related to Treasury with the objective to ensure records are intact and according to standard procedures, and support the entire Treasury Section in accomplishing on time delivery of documents and reports.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that all CEM customers receive excellent service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting before accepting or receiving payments and by providing official receipts to them.
  2. Monitor the proper and correct guidelines in liquidating cash advance and reimbursement especially the supporting documents to avoid delay of transaction.
  3. Implements “No more no less policy”. Strictly implements the correct and exact disbursement of salary for all casual and on-call employees so that every cent will be compensated.
  4. Receives and pays approved petty cash expenses from time to time and tracking upon reaching the allowed amount for replenishment to process.
  5. Prepares and disburses casual/on-call payroll every 15th & 31st of the month.
  6. Receives signed checks, prepares necessary documentation released on allowed releasing day, and makes sure that documents attached are intact.

Candidate Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in Accountancy, banking, and finance or other related fields
  • At least two (2) years relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of Accounting Rules and Regulation
  • Good in computer skills
  • Good in Rules in the safekeeping of cash and checks
  • Good at building relationships with clients and employees
  • Time Management
  • Honest and courteous
Assitant Cashier
Treasury Section