Tests for Assessing Potential for Academic Work

ELCOM   Elementary Level Competency Measure  

Measure grade 6 students' or elementary graduates' readiness for high school academic work.

No. of items: 150

Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Subtests:  Verbal English (VE), Quantitative (Q) Verbal Filipino (VF), Science (S), Nonverbal Reasoning (NR)


Admission Test for Colleges and Universities  

Measure high school seniors' potential for college work.

No. of items:
  Form EA -
240; Form FA - 160

  Form EA - 2 hrs 35 mins
  Form FA - 2 hrs 20 mins

Subtests:  English, Mathematics, Science, Inductive Reasoning


Nursing Aptitude Test

Measure applicants' potential for the nursing course.

No. of items: 240

Duration: 2 hrs 35 mins

Subtests:  Verbal Ability, Numerical Facility, Science and Health Information, Spatial Perception


Graduate Level Test  

Assess examinees' abilities to meet the demands of graduate and professional schools.

No. of items: 180

  Part 1 -
2 hrs 15 mins
  Part 2 - 45 mins

Subtests:  Verbal, Quantitative, Inductive Reasoning


Allied Medical Courses Admission Test  

Measure mental and academic abilities of applicants to allied medical and paramedical courses.

No. of items: 240

Duration2 hrs 25 mins

  Subtests:  Verbal, Numerical, Inductive Reasoning, Science


Advanced Placement Test (English & Mathematics)  

Assess students with special qualifications and validate previous college level training for the purpose of granting credits in one or more subjects. It measures skills and knowledge in English and Mathematics.

No. of items: 100/subject

Duration: 2 hrs/subject

English (major content areas) - verbal analogies, grammar and usage, sentence recognition, reading comprehension
Mathematics (major content areas) - real number system, algebraic expressions, equations, functions and graphs,


Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers  

Measure abilities and aptitudes necessary in the teaching profession. Test results help schools in planning for faculty development programs.

No. of items: 180

Duration:  2 hrs

  Subtests:  Verbal English, Verbal Filipino, Numeric, Induction, Situational Judgment, Information


National Medical Admission Test  

Measure mental and academic skills of applicants to medical schools.

No. of items:
  Part I -
160; Part II - 200

  Part I - 3 hrs
  Part II - 2 hrs 30 mins

Part I - Verbal, Inductive Reasoning, Quantitative, Perceptual Acuity
Part II - Biology, Physics, Social Science, Chemistry

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