Test Performance Reports

Test Performance Reports
The Achievement/Diagnostic Tests give comprehensive reports that can be used by students, teachers, school administrators, and parents.

Content area scores are expressed in percent correct while the overall score is expressed in percent correct, standard score, percentile rank, and quality index. These scores provide information on the student’s mastery of the measured skills and the student’s performance compared to the performance of other students in the same grade level.

The Basic reports provided are:
Examinee Report (ER)
Masterlist of Test Results (MTR)
Institutional Performance Profile (IPP)
institutional Report on Learning Competencies (IRLC)

Additional reports for the BasicPlus+ package may also be requested:
Examinee Report on Learning Competencies (ERLC)
Descriptive Statistics on Test Performance
Frequency Distribution of Test Scores
School Report on Learning Competencies (SRLC)