How to avail of CEM's services (Membership and Subscription)

For test takers
If you need to take any of the tests offered by CEM, please contact our Test Center Coordinator nearest you. For other inquiries, send it through our Contact Us page.

For educational institutions
A bona fide CEM member  believes in and supports the mission and vision of CEM, subscribes to the tests and services, and updates annual membership. 

CEM member schools enjoy the following privileges:

  • Exclusive discount on test fees
  • Rebates for early payments
  • Special rates on customized test reports 
  • Free or exclusive discounts on conferences held annually
  • Free or exclusive discounts on professional development programs

Register online your school membership now!

For inquiries email membership [at] cem-inc [dot] org [dot] ph. You may also send a message through our Contact Us page.  Our Client Relations team will reach you as soon as we receive your inquiry.