"The availability of the standardized aptitude and diagnostic tests from CEM has enabled our school to evaluate our curriculum for the improvement of student performance and teaching strategies."

-- Dr. James Tan

President, Grace Christian College
CEM member-school since 1978

“The results of the CEM diagnostic tests were used to identify what contents/topics need to be enhanced and to identify the students who need to undergo the enhancement program.

“The competencies in the CEM diagnostic tests were incorporated to our school curriculum.”

-- Dr. Benito Sotto

Principal, Maria Montessori International School
CEM member-school  since 1999

“The CEM information on the different data results helped the school improve its services through the following specific means: 

  1. The yearly comparative DT results become one of the bases for subject program revisions and further improvements.
  2. The ELCOM and DT results are also referred to identify students needing remediation and enrichment activities.
  3. Some of the data from the DT results were utilized by the teachers in their action researches.”
-- Aida Gomez

Principal, Manresa School 
CEM member-school  since 1980

“CEM has been very helpful indeed. CEM measures the aptitude of our students in English, Math, and Science and of course, we’d like to find out how they perform in these areas to aid us further in improving our instructional program.”

-- Amy Galang

High School Principal, La Salle Green Hills
CEM member-school  since 1978

“We utilize the CEM test data as a basis for instructional planning. Prior to the opening of a new school year, the subject area coordinators and the teachers examine and discuss the most recent CEM test results. As a team of curriculum designers, they analyze students; areas of strengths and weaknesses and take them into consideration when preparing their unit plans. Our system of utilizing data in curriculum planning results to improved students’ performance in internal and external assessments.”

-- Marivic L. Daguio

Academic Head, Makati Hope Christian School
CEM member-school  since 1992

“The CEM test results go beyond helping us in academic matters. It also aids the administrators and teachers on mentoring. Moreover, it provides insights for possible career choices for our students.”

-- Ferold T. Regencia

Guidance Department Head


Prudencio Altoveros
Admin Staff Formation Officer


PAREF Southridge
CEM member-school since 1995