Frequently Asked Questions

What products does CEM provide?

CEM has developed more than 60 tests that assess student academic achievement, aptitudes, and career choices. These tests are classified as:

Tools to Measure Competencies in the Basic Education
Tools for Assessing Potential for Higher Academic Work
Tools for Career Decision Making
Tools for Special Purposes

To learn more about these tests, click CEM Tests

What are the outstanding features of the CEM tests?

CEM tests are standardized tests. They are normed locally and developed using a rigorous and systematic process which is based on internationally-accepted and widely-used standards in test development. Test results are thoroughly reported and interpreted to users.


Does CEM sell any of its tests?

CEM does not sell any tests. It only provides testing services and charges a minimal fee for the test administration.

How much is the test service fee?

Service fee ranges from Php80.00 to Php 260.00 per test.  The rate varies depending on the type of test, number of tests to be taken, and purpose. Fees are exclusive of VAT and other prevailing government taxes.

Does CEM offer computer-based or online testing?

As of the moment, all CEM tests are in paper-and-pencil format.